4 Common Fuel Related Problems and How to Fix Them

4 Common Fuel Related Problems and How to Fix Them

Fuel is one of the most essential elements of your car to get it off the driveway and allow it to run smoothly. If any fuel related problems occur, it can mean your car performs poorly, or even that your engine does not run at all.

If you suspect a fuel related problem, it can be daunting to face up to it and acknowledge that it really needs fixing. On top of that, more often than not, many people don’t even know how to identify a fuel problem, let alone fix it.

However, you don’t have to panic. Sometimes, fuel problems are not quite as horrifying as at first they may seem. We are here to help you to identify them, and what’s more how they can be fixed.

Faulty fuel pump

There are a few signs you can look out for which signify that the fuel pump in your car might be faulty. If the starter motor is normal, but the engine is difficult to start, particularly for the first time in a day, it is possible that this is because the fuel pump is struggling to transport fuel to the engine, meaning that the fuel pump will need to be dealt with.

Faulty fuel pumpAnother indication that the fuel pump is faulty is a loud electrical clicking noise or a whining noise when the engine is running when driving or even when the car is at a standstill. It can also be the case that the car experiences sudden losses in power when driving; this is another indicator that the fuel pump could be faulty.

In order to avoid fuel pumps wearing down, make sure to top up your fuel when needed; constantly driving on low fuel can wear it down and cause problems.

If your fuel pump is faulty, it may not be the case that the entire unit is completely broken. The cause of a faulty fuel pump is sometimes due to loose or corroded connections, or it could be due to a faulty relay.

However, the problem can be difficult to diagnose and fix, and it is often wise to contact professionals at In Town Automotive to ensure it gets fixed properly.

Faulty fuel filter

Faulty fuel filter

The fuel filter can be another problematic component in the system of a car if it goes wrong. The purpose of the fuel filter is to prevent any impurities getting into the system which could potentially damage the engine or impact the smoothness of the engine when running.

In modern cars, it can be difficult to access the fuel filter to inspect it, however, there are some common signs which could indicate that there is something wrong with it. A lack of responsiveness from the engine, for example, constant stalling, or difficulty getting the engine started, can all be indicators that the fuel filter is not working properly.

If these problems sound familiar, there is no need to worry. For most models of cars, the fuel filter is relatively easy and cheap to replace and is usually seen to when the car is serviced.

Poor fuel quality

Sometimes, a fuel related problem with your car is not due to the fuel system in the car but is actually caused by the fuel itself. If the fuel you are using is of poor quality, it has the potential to have adverse effects on the performance of the vehicle.

Signs of problems related to poor fuel quality include a sluggish feel to the engine and difficulty in starting the car. However, these adverse effects can become more problematic, sometimes causing misfiring, backfire, or for the engine light to come on to the dashboard.

If you suspect that you have obtained some dodgy fuel and your car is suffering because of it, it is usually wise to stop driving the car as soon as possible and get the fuel tank properly drained and cleaned. However, if the case is not too bad or you did not fill the full tank, it is sometimes possible to reduce the problem by filling up with some better quality fuel. This will dilute the poor quality fuel, sometimes allowing it to run better.

In order to avoid poor quality fuel, it is highly advisable to fill up at fuel stations which are renowned brands, as they are more likely to stock purer, quality fuel. Otherwise, it is also best to go to a fuel station which is most often busy, as they are more likely to restock up on fuel on a regular basis, so the fuel you will be filling up on will be fresher.

Fuel injectors

If there is a problem with the fuel injectors in your car, the signs are likely to prevail straight away. This could involve difficulty getting the engine started, poor performance when travelling at speed, and an increase in fuel consumption.

Fuel injectorsYou can diagnose a faulty fuel injector by starting up the engine and letting it run for a few seconds, before dripping water onto each exhaust manifold. From this, you will be able to see if one is not heating up.

If you do suspect that you have a faulty fuel injector, it is possible to solve the issue by simply using a cleaner. In worse cases, an ultrasonic cleaning process may be carried out by professional. It can sometimes even be the case that the fuel injector will be beyond repair, in which case it will need to be replaced.


If you are having trouble with any fuel related issues in your car and are struggling to diagnose or solve the issue, contact us at In Town Automotive; we will be able to help you to decipher what the issue is and get it sorted for you.

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