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Car Servicing Northampton: Love Affordable!

Some people love their car, whereas some people see it as just a vehicle to get them from A to B.

Some people vacuum, wash and wax their car every week, whereas some people chuck rubbish in the back, never get it washed and become one with the dirt. However, it doesn’t matter what kind of car owner you are, when it comes to getting it serviced, you don’t want it to cost you an arm and a leg. That’s where our affordable car servicing Northampton offers come in…

Why In Town Automotive?

Our affordable car servicing Northampton offers make it an affordable and pleasant experience while your car gets its check up. For those that love their car rather than loathe it, if you’re having multiple services a year, it’s in your interests to work with a professional BOSCH trained garage at an affordable price. Building up a relationship with one garage will help your car be looked after better.

cheap servicing northampton garage

Alternatively, for car owners in Northampton who only have a sporadic car servicing, our affordable car servicing Northampton offers will appeal to you too. We have three tiers of servicing, bronze, silver and gold, all at different prices. Each service option has a different number of checks which will be assessed on the car. The more checks performed, the more thorough the service . Spotting any minor faults can help you avoid a nasty repair bill in future. However, if your car does need expensive repairs, we offer a simple and friendly finance service. 

Helpful from start to finish!

If you make the decision to book in for one of our affordable car servicing Northampton offers here at In Town Automotive, our BOSCH trained technicians will be thorough and diligent in their assessment of the car. Afterwards, you will be provided all of the necessary documents and explanations of any errors found and what must be done to eradicate them. As well as our car servicing Northampton offers, we can service new cars without invalidating their manufacturer warranty.

It doesn’t end there. We understand that your car is important to your life for getting you around, so while your car is being serviced we can offer you a FREE courtesy car or FREE collection from your home or work.

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