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How Our finance Solutions Make Repairs Easier

How In Town’s Finance Solutions Make Things Easier…


Many of us have total dependence on our vehicles.

Our vehicles solve several travelling dilemmas; whether it be dropping the kids to school or going to the shops, our vehicles make the travel easier.  This is why if your vehicle is not functioning properly, you are likely to experience discomfort.

To add to that, car repairs do not come cheap these days and is going to leave a dent in your finances, more so if car repairs or servicing was not on your financial agenda.

car broken down

To help you cope with this additional expense, In Town Automotive is here to provide finance on vehicle servicing, tyres, repairs and more. These finances will come to your aid if your bill is £280 or more.

At times, even with warranties and/ or servicing contracts, vehicle owners can face expensive repairs without having the necessary funds to pay for them and this is where In Town’s finance facility is going to come to your assistance.

finance options from in town

At In Town Automotive, we offer unsecured short-term personal loans that can finance the repairs of your vehicle. You can repay this in instalments spread over 1-12 months which will tremendously help you manage the unexpected expenditure a lot better.

An added benefit: If your bill is £1000 or over, you may qualify for 0% finance!

The average cost of basic car service sums up to £125 and add to that other mandatory repairs, your bill is likely to shoot up. In order to keep your car in top condition, it is recommended that you typically service it every year.


Caring for Your Car Saves Money

A car that is well-maintained is more efficient and saves money on fuel in return. All these factors point to the fact that you must get your car serviced, tyres changed and repairs are done if the need arises without thinking twice about the finances because at In Town we offer finance plans to cover your needs.

So, do not delay contact us today.

To read more about In Town Automotive’s finance solutions click here.

volkswagen car repairs

Volkswagen To Pay For Car Repairs & Returns

Whilst the title may initially look like a great offer, it comes as part of a lengthy and ongoing commitment to repair the damage done by the emissions scandal in 2015.

As you will likely have read in the news last year, Volkswagen were caught rigging cars to pass low emissions tests, giving false results to testers. They admitted this in September 2016. Over 600,000 of such cars were sold to new owners, who are now being given the option of selling their cars back to VW, or having the car repairs necessary to make them normal again, covered.

The judge at the head of the legal process, Judge Charles Breyer, did not disclose particulars, but insisted that the compensation would be substantial and that those cheated by VW would end up well off from the deal.

volkswagen badge car repairs

Word from the top…

In a company statement, they said “Volkswagen is committed to earning back the trust of its customers, dealers, regulators and the American public… These agreements in principle are an important step on the road to making things right. As noted today in court, customers in the United States do not need to take any action at this time.”

As well as a fund for car repairs and buy-backs, VW will have to spend millions on research and development for green automotive technologies. To reverse all of the pollution that has been emitted as a consequence of their rigging, VW will have to spend more millions in corrective efforts.

How much could we expect to see VW pay out? Don’t be surprised if it surpasses £20bn. Already a figure of £700m has been quoted for apologetic compensation, and that’s before any vehicle fixes are included! Customers are expected to pay for the repairs using this money, working out at just over £1,000 each. The money will not be shared equally however, and will relate to the various ailments and car repairs needed. Around £13bn could be used to pay Clean Air violations and a further £5bn has been set aside for regulations penalties.

It is a strange legal process to counteract this deceit, but it’s expected that the ruling will begin in the US, before making it’s way to Europe and being dealt with along the same guidelines. And, despite all of this negativity going up, Volkswagen shares continue to rise in price!

Car repairs done right!

This all goes to show, honesty is the best policy. We’ve been practising honesty here at In Town Automotive for many years, and are proud that our customers return time and time again. We don’t inflate prices, and we continually train and educate our staff so that they can do their work quickly and efficiently, so our customers don’t have to fork out for high labour charges. All of this has made us Northampton’s most loved car repairs centre!

Car Repairs Goodbye, Self-fixing Car, Hello!

Hyundai have announced that they are planning to make car repairs a thing of the past, thanks to a new concept ‘smart maintenance service’ that spots and repairs vehicles without the driver noticing.

That doesn’t mean that Hyundai specialists turn up at your house in the middle of the night and fix the problems in secret, that would be daft. The car’s engine would be hooked up to a computer that sends data to a Hyundai centre, where agents would be able to adjust the car’s settings and perform repairs remotely. Pretty nifty.

You won’t expect to see this car any time soon though, as Hyundai admit it is only a concept, and part of their mid-to-long term plans. In the short term, they are working on technologies that ‘bring the car to life’, especially ways in which mobile phones can be synced more easily.

The plan to have a car that is ‘smart’ is ambitious, as it would mean self-driving, self-fixing, traffic detecting, integration with mobile technology and more adaptability to the rapid changes in science and technology. It’s not only Hyundai who are moving towards these goals though; take Ford for example.

One of the main reasons car repairs are needed are from unnecessary accidents, and one way to make accidents less frequent is to make your car safer for other cars to be around. Ford impressively designed glare-free headlights, which use a mounted camera to recognise oncoming headlights from up to 800m away. The headlights block any light that may temporarily blind other drivers, reducing the chances of accidents and injuries.

Ford are an exception to the desire for a self-fixing car, they actively support human to car interaction, as they believe there is an art to vehicle maintenance. They reportedly do a lot of their testing in soundproof cells where an expert can listen for any flaws, rather than use robots that do it for them. The experts are trained using deliberately faulty engines, so they know which sounds to listen for! By listening to the engines and making sure they are faultless when they leave the production line, they reduce the amount of car repairs needed further down the line by the vehicle’s new owners.

For those in our industry, a world where car repairs don’t exist is perhaps a little daunting. If car repairs can be automated, in theory, so could MOT Tests, clutch repairs, wheel alignment, brake replacements, fluid changes etc. It’s not hard to image a room, a bit like an automatic car wash, that could repair your car with various pneumatic arms.

Perhaps though, the ‘self fixing’ car might still need mechanics, just less frequently. Tyre repairs are unavoidable, brakes should be changed regularly and liquids in the engine can’t magically appear out of thin air. The smart service would surely only slow down the effects of driving on the vehicle, and with more cars joining our roads every year, perhaps mechanics would still be fine.

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Car Repair Northampton: The Pothole Problem

Does it grind your gears just how many potholes there are on our ‘lovely’ British roads?

Some days, it feels like we are being thrown around by the cracks and divots. Now, important research compiled by Kwik Fit has found that British motorists have had to fund a collect car repair bill of £684 million, due to potholes. When split, per motorist, that works out to be £108.60 for repairs to tyres, wheels, suspension, exhausts and other bodywork.

In total, 6.3 million motorists suffered damage to their car last year, and from the £684 million in damages, only 2.1% had been returned in compensation, just £13.5 million. The level of damage and the amount of car repair needed varies vastly from county to county and city to city, with Yorkshire & Humber and London facing the most. Wwheeelsh drivers needed the least car repair, followed by the North East.

The findings discovered that the South East, covering Bucks, Berkshire, Kent and more, had the largest collective car repair bill of £108 million, followed by London with £91 million.

car repair pothole northampton

Car Repair Northampton

Closer to home, residents in Wheatfield Gardens, Abington, were outraged that the council point-blank refused to maintain ‘the most potholed street in Northampton’. Residents claimed that no resurfacing had taken place for 50 years. However, the council claimed that because none of the potholes met their criteria (50mm deep or 250mm wide) they were not seen as dangerous. The fact that there are dozens of potholes is apparently of no concern.

They are on record as saying: “Unfortunately not all defects will be classed as safety defects since they will not be of sufficient severity to warrant action immediately, this doesn’t mean that there are no defects present. We appreciate that this may give the impression that we are ignoring problems, but we have to prioritise our limited maintenance funding and resources and cannot fix all defects reported to us immediately.”

car repair pothole northampton

Image courtesy of Northampton Chronicle

Well, we pay our road tax for the roads to be maintained, but we also voted for an extremely austere government, so we can’t have it both ways, that’s the reality.

In a related story, Warranty Direct revealed the cars models that had been most affected by the rise of potholes in the UK. The Mercedes Benz R Class came out on top, followed by the Saab 9-3 and the Hyundai Santa Fe. At the other end of the scale, you can rest your weary head if you drive a Ford S-Max or a Nissan Qashqai, as there have been no insurance claims for a pothole related car repair yet! The BMW X5 came out third on the most robust list, although somebody has made a mistake somewhere, as it also appears 8th on the first list…

The advice from our Car Repair Northampton team is to get your tyres and wheels checked regularly. Often the damage caused by potholes is accumulative, meaning it won’t show up immediately, but will get worse over time.

If you want to claim compensation for damage caused by potholes, BT made this brilliant guide.

Car Repairs Northampton: Traffic Troubles

Here at In Town Automotive, we care about you and your car. We care so much, in fact, that we are writing to let you know that sitting in traffic is bad for you and your car.

To make matters worse, congestion is rising. Uh oh, looks like car repairs are going to keep increasing.

All motor vehicle traffic in Great Britain rose (in the year ending June 2015) by 2.3%, meaning our days are getting shorter as our traffic is getting longer. The detrimental effects of traffic go much further than creating stress and road rage.

Sitting in traffic is bad for your car. Braking, stopping, starting, braking again, it’s first and foremostly bad for the car because it doesn’t allow your engine to reach an efficient level. Some modern cars tackle this with fancy new features, but not all. Idling your engine means sitting with the ventilation system at its very weakest point. this can create dreaded engine deposits, giving you some real trouble!

car repairs traffic uk

Engine deposits can build up and damage various car parts, starting with the fuel injectors, stemming the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. Eventually you’ll be searching car repairs in google and trying to find a garage who can help you out.

Sadly, traffic is part and parcel of being a driver on modern British roads. In fact, more vehicle miles were clocked in the last 12 months than in any year before, a staggering 316 billion miles. This growth can be correlated to a rising GDP and falling fuel prices, 12p cheaper on average than last year. Cars on British roads are expected to nearly double over the next 20 years!

Since it’s an impractical solution to ‘just avoid’ rush hour, there are a few preventative measures that can reduce the negative effects of traffic on your car. Firstly, change your oil frequently. The more time you spend in traffic, stopping and starting, the more often you need to change it. Add a ‘fuel injector cleaner’ to your petrol tank every couple of thousand miles. This will be good for your engine, which dislikes being filled with various grades of fuel.

As well as these tips, you should be aware of the damage that all the stopping and starting can have on your brakes. If they don’t feel like they are doing their job properly, get them changed. One final idea is to try and drive slowly and consistently behind the car in front of you, instead of getting closer, braking and then backing off again. This is good for your engine and your fuel economy. Following their tips can help prevent the need for car repairs, or at least slow issues down. Regular car servicing will also help keep your car or van in good health.

So there we have it, sitting in traffic is bad for you and your car, but you don’t have to let it get the better of you. Until next time…