How Our finance Solutions Make Repairs Easier

How In Town’s Finance Solutions Make Things Easier…


Many of us have total dependence on our vehicles.

Our vehicles solve several travelling dilemmas; whether it be dropping the kids to school or going to the shops, our vehicles make the travel easier.  This is why if your vehicle is not functioning properly, you are likely to experience discomfort.

To add to that, car repairs do not come cheap these days and is going to leave a dent in your finances, more so if car repairs or servicing was not on your financial agenda.

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To help you cope with this additional expense, In Town Automotive is here to provide finance on vehicle servicing, tyres, repairs and more. These finances will come to your aid if your bill is £280 or more.

At times, even with warranties and/ or servicing contracts, vehicle owners can face expensive repairs without having the necessary funds to pay for them and this is where In Town’s finance facility is going to come to your assistance.

finance options from in town

At In Town Automotive, we offer unsecured short-term personal loans that can finance the repairs of your vehicle. You can repay this in instalments spread over 1-12 months which will tremendously help you manage the unexpected expenditure a lot better.

An added benefit: If your bill is £1000 or over, you may qualify for 0% finance!

The average cost of basic car service sums up to £125 and add to that other mandatory repairs, your bill is likely to shoot up. In order to keep your car in top condition, it is recommended that you typically service it every year.


Caring for Your Car Saves Money

A car that is well-maintained is more efficient and saves money on fuel in return. All these factors point to the fact that you must get your car serviced, tyres changed and repairs are done if the need arises without thinking twice about the finances because at In Town we offer finance plans to cover your needs.

So, do not delay contact us today.

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