How Often Should I Get a Car Service

How Often Should I Get a Car Serviced?

Car repairs come when we least expect it and it’s always inconvenient. To minimise the impact of break down, it’s really important you keep an eye out for warning signs and get your car serviced at regular intervals.

Warning Signs

Warning Signs

  • The blinking light on dashboard

Possibly one of the most obvious signs that your car gives when it needs servicing. The signs on the dashboard indicate when the engine is not performing up to the required standards. When these lights start blinking it is a clear indication to the driver that issues with the engine must be addressed otherwise they may turn into a major problem.


  • Grinding or SquealingGrinding or Squealing

When you slow down to turn or want to completely stop your vehicle, you may suddenly find that your brakes are grinding and squealing, you should listen closely to this because it is your brakes telling you that they need a bit of TLC. While it could simply be your brake pads that are wearing out, there is a chance that your discs and callipers are facing issues.

It is important to get the brakes serviced as soon as you hear these noises because issues related to brakes can escalate quickly and in the blink of an eye your brakes can go from bad to worse. Problems with brakes can compromise the safety of everyone around you postponing the service of brakes is never a good idea.

Braking technology has improved leaps and bounds over the last few years and they are now designed to be extremely responsive, requiring little effort from the drivers. If you experience any resistance, strange noises or oversensitivity, you need to get your brakes serviced.

  • Smoke Under the Bonnet

Smoke Under the Bonnet

Smoke coming from under the bonnet is similar to your engine screaming at you. Sometimes the smoke could also be accompanied by a burning smell and this could also mean that there is an oil leak. Smoke from under the bonnet could also mean that there is a severe problem with the radiator.

However, if it is coming from the exhaust then there could be oil leaking inside the engine. Leaking is a clear sign that your car needs a tune up. If the sound of your vehicle is exceptionally loud then it could indicate problems with the exhaust and you may need to get your exhaust repaired or replaced.


  • Grinding Gears

The gearbox is a high maintenance component of a vehicle and it needs regular servicing in order to perform efficiently. Fluids, screens and filters also need to be replaced from time to time. However among all the warning signs this is the most vocal. If you have trouble changing gears or hear grinding noises when you shift gears, then it’s time to visit us at In Town and possibly get your clutch replaced.

  • Slow StartSlow Start

If your vehicle acts like it is in desperate need of a coffee to get started, this is a clear indication that there could be problems with the battery. While the vehicle starting with a little hesitation is quite normal from time to time, if the problem is persistent then don’t be fooled into thinking that you could get it checked later.

Batteries are usually inexpensive and problems related to them should be fixed as soon as they are encountered, as they tend to give up on you at the most inconvenient of times.

  • Oil Spots

Oil Spots

An oil spot under the vehicle cannot be overlooked and if there is one, then you need to get your car serviced immediately. Oil is extremely crucial for the engine as it needs lubrication in order to function smoothly. Without oil, the bearings may become dry and the engine is at a risk of seizing and locking up.

  • Abnormal Vibrations

This is the least obvious indication that your car can give you when it needs to be serviced. The progression of these vibrations is quite slow and it often starts with a mild sensation which is easy to miss. It is natural to assume that such vibrations are normal even when the situation has gotten much worse.

There are many reasons why your car could vibrate, such as failing of a universal joint, a loose piece of plastic panelling, loosening of a bearing or worn out or misaligned wheels.

Driving a vehicle on misaligned wheels can be extremely dangerous and it’s advisable to ensure that you get your wheels aligned as soon as possible. So, before the subtle movement of your car becomes an unavoidable shudder you should take your car for a service.


  • Unexpected StallsUnexpected Stalls

The car stalling unexpectedly can be a serious risk while driving and if it happens even when the right gear is in place then it may be time to get your car serviced. There could be many reasons behind the car starting to cut out when you’re pulling off from a junction, but the most common reason behind it is often clogged fuel filters or faulty spark plugs.

How Often Should the Car be Serviced?

In order to keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, it is important to get it serviced every year. This servicing schedule is ideal for those with newer vehicles but for drivers who take out their vehicle more frequently, the car may need to be serviced more regularly.

How Often Should the Car be Serviced?

However, the frequency of servicing also depends on other factors such as the age of vehicle, type of fuel consumed and the distance it has covered in its lifetime. Vehicles that have covered a lot of distance and are quite old should be serviced more often to ensure that they remain in the right condition. Usually the information related to servicing of various components is also specified in the car’s manual.

If you feel your car might be due a service then don’t hesitate to contact us at In Town Automotive to get your car booked in today.

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