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MOT Certificate: Vital For Your Car

Our MOT Centre team here at In Town Automotive have compiled some interesting knowledge, facts and stories about the common MOT certificate.

To start with, let’s explain what an MOT certificate is!

An MOT Certificate is an official document certifying that a motor vehicle has passed an MOT Test (Ministry Of Transport). The MOT Test is an annual vehicle inspection testing  safety and exhaust emissions. New cars do not require an MOT until they are three years old (there may be exceptions).

Do you need an MOT Certificate?

Absolutely! It’s illegal to drive a car with an expired MOT. A quirk in the law allows you to drive a car to the MOT centre if you have a booked appointment though.

There are a few vehicles that don’t need an MOT certificate, they are: Tractors and Cars & Motorcycles made before 1960. Electric Vehicles don’t need an emissions test.

What if you don’t have an MOT Certificate?

If you drive a car without an MOT certificate, you’re likely to get stopped by the police and they may not believe that you’re on your way to a test centre, as it’s a common excuse. If you have the evidence to prove it, you’ll be fine. It’s wise to book an MOT test in advance anyway, as many garages will struggle to fit you in there and then and you will want to be without your car for the minimum time.

You can’t get points on your license for not having an MOT certificate and they won’t disqualify you from driving either, but you could be fined up to £1,000. Let’s be honest, nobody wants that, and an MOT test starts from just £20 here at In Town Automotive.

If your car’s MOT certificate has expired and the car fails it’s MOT test, we would advise that do not drive it away, as it needs to be fixed to make it road legal (we won’t stop you though!). However, if you get an MOT test done before it is due, the time difference will be added onto your new MOT certificate, winner!

What about missed MOT tests?

It’s not advisable to miss your MOT test as it is wasting the time and money of both parties. However, that’s exactly what has been causing a real problem in Northern Ireland.

In a three month period at the back end of 2015, almost 7,200 people failed to arrive for their MOT tests. This may not seem a huge amount, but it equates to £225,000 in wasted money. It also translates to roughly 1 in 40 people failing to turn up, though Armagh was the worst offender, with a reported 1 in 33 people not turning up to their MOT centre booking!

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Failing to get an MOT can be a real nuisance, especially if you’re a school bus.

A minibus doing the school run in Birmingham had to be clamped and left at the side of the road after it was discovered to have no road tax. It gets worse though, as the minibus was found to have not had an MOT test since February 2008! Only one student had been picked up by the time this discovery had been made and the child, as well as the driver, were temporarily stranded.

The minibus was owned by Bearwood Coaches, who did not realise the bus had been registered as SORN (off road). Imran Khan from Bearwood coaches said ”We run a fleet of nearly 100 minibuses here. This one coach escaped our attention. We missed it with the new system they brought in and we didn’t seem to have had a reminder for it. We’ve searched all our records on our system. We had it down as being SORN but we remembered taxing it since then.”

A replacement vehicle was sent to pick up the driver, the child and all the other kids too, but a closer inspection of the MOT certificate could have avoided the whole situation!

Time to get a new MOT Certificate?

It’s simple, come to In Town Automotive! We have various tiers of MOT test to suit all needs, check out our service page here:

See you soon!

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