car tyres northampton

Car Tyres Northampton: Are Yours Safe?

Running a car can be a costly ordeal when you sum up all of the various expenses, like petrol, tax and insurance.

To make sure repairs aren’t another major cost, wouldn’t it make sense to make sure your car is well maintained from the ground up? In this article we are going to start on the ground, where your four tyres sit, and talk a little bit about how to look after them and what to do when they eventually need replacing.

That’s right, tyres will eventually wear, that is the nature of the material, though that inevitable degrading can be a slow process, especially if you follow these tips.

Avoid aggressive braking

Avoid aggressive cornering

Ensure tyres are perfectly aligned

Keep to sensible speeds

Correctly manage tyre pressures (monthly)

Reduce unnecessary weight of car load

Something you can’t avoid is that the front tyres will wear quicker, this is because of their sideward movements. Buying tyres made from a harder compound will wear out much slower than a softer compound, though they are considerably noisier.

car tyres northampton

The 20p Trick

A well known method for checking car tyre treads is to take a 20 pence piece and slot it into the tread. If the outer rim of the 20p is still visible, the tyres are illegal. The legal limit for tyre tread depths is 1.6mm, but it’s recommended that you should consider a replacement when you get below 3mm. At 3mm, braking distances are increased and the tyres are less responsive in bad weather, increasing the risk of aquaplaning.

New Tyres

New tyres should come as standard at around 8mm, and will last several years if maintained properly. Used tyres are one of the biggest problems in the automotive parts industry. It may be considerably cheaper to buy used tyres at 4mm than new tyres at 8mm, though the tyres will wear much quicker and it will end up costing the buyer more in the long run. It’s also a massive safety issue and inadvisable.

There are both cold weather tyres and warm weather tyres. It will benefit the lifespan of your tyres to fit different tyres in different seasons. The tyres are built differently to suit the temperature of the road, the atmosphere and the different weather conditions that are associated with these times of the year.

Car Tyres Northampton

We have years of experience in the automotive sector and any of our expert technicians would be happy to advise you about tyre safety & maintenance. They can also help you with new tyres  Northampton, if you do find yourself in need of some new tyres.

We understand that everyone has different budgets and varying needs, so we’ve assembled a large range of brands and prices to suit individual circumstances. We’re confident you’ll be happy with the range we’re able to offer. Our prices are unbeatable and we always have a full stock available, for a convenient wheel change while you wait.

car tyres northampton

It’s very important that your tyres are pumped up to the optimal PSI in order to achieve the maximum fuel mileage from your vehicle. If the balance and stability of your vehicle is not correct then this will affect your PSI. We offer wheel tracking and balancing, if you feel you’re not getting the most from your vehicle.

Having unsafe tyres is not only against the law, but they’re also extremely unsafe. So for your own piece of mind book an appointment with our team at In Town Automotive for new tyres Northampton on 01604 666700 or visit

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