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The Ultimate Car Servicing Checklist for Every Driver

Regular maintenance and servicing are essential for the proper functioning of any gadget or appliance. Your car is no exception.

As a car owner, while you can delay the inevitable, you will run into car-related issues occasionally. To get ahead of these issues and keep yourself safe on the road, you will need to get your car serviced regularly. 

While it is appealing to take the cost-effective DIY approach and work on your car yourself, a trip to a professional garage service every six months is recommended.

By regularly servicing your car, you find out exactly what your car needs to ensure it is in top-running condition.

That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate car servicing checklist. It will help you know what problems to expect and allow you to get a head start on maintaining your car. 

1. Oil Levels and Filter 

If you’re a car owner, one of the most vital things on your car servicing checklist involves monitoring your oil levels and your car’s oil filter. 

Having these parts changed often keeps your engine squeaky clean. It prevents harmful materials from entering your car’s system and also avoids corroding the main block.

If the oil levels are above or below the set markers, your car will not operate at maximum efficiency. Additionally, lower oil levels can also be a sign of oil leaks.

If you think your oil levels are low, you could perform a self-examination. Using your dipstick, you can check if it’s at the recommended level. If it is not, consider booking an appointment with our professional garage to get it topped up.

Closely monitor your oil filters to ensure they’re in good condition and are successfully keeping out harmful pollutants and debris. If you need a new oil filter, always make sure to choose the correct model for your car.

2. Spark Plug

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Your spark plug is the beating heart of your car alongside the engine. As such, when making your car servicing checklist, it needs to be included. A spark plug is what brings your car’s engine to life upon turning on the ignition.

As they are so often in use, your spark plug gradually wears down whenever you start your car. As a result, every time you want to get your car in action, you will need a higher voltage. This can put a lot of strain on the plug.

To avoid any future issues, you need to have a mechanic evaluate your spark plug alongside the engine whenever you take your car for servicing.

3. Brakes

Your brakes are the difference between life and death in car-related emergencies. As such, it is crucial to ensure that they’re always in the best condition. 

Car brakes are meant to last for a certain period, after which they will begin to wear down. To check if your brakes are functioning properly, park your car and test them. Watch out and listen for any squeaking or grinding noises. 

If you hear these sounds, your brakes could be damaged and you need to get them looked at by a professional. Typically, it’s good to add testing your brakes on your car servicing checklist, as a precautionary measure.

4. Tyre Pressure 

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Tyre pressure can be a tricky thing to get a read on. With over or under-inflation, your tyres may wear out depending on how you handle your car. Your tyre pressure also negatively affects other parts of your car, like its suspension.

To test tyre pressure, you will need a pressure gauge. This nifty tool allows you to judge the pressure level of your tyres. A pressure between 32-35 PSI is preferred.

Ideally, for a routine maintenance check, visit a car service garage like In Town Automotive to get your MOT test done and your tyre pressure checked. Not only can you get the process done swiftly and effectively, but this saves you a lot of hassle in the future.

5. Bulbs and Car Lights

To tick the last box on your full car service checklist, you have to evaluate if your car lights are functioning properly. Your car bulbs and lights are crucial for visibility when driving.

Understandably, as a driver, your focus is on the road. This may be why any issues with your car bulbs or lights slip under your radar. However, this results in you putting not only yourself but also other drivers and pedestrians at risk.

To ensure your car lights are working properly, you can test them out. Begin with your sidelights and then follow this up by testing your dipped headlights and main beam. If you want to evaluate your reversing lights as well, you could take the help of a friend or someone in your family.

If you notice a flickering or unresponsive light, you need to either order a replacement bulb or take your car down to a garage to repair it.

Contact In Town Automotive For All Your Car Servicing Needs

At first glance, you may think creating a car servicing checklist and following this degree of precaution is too tedious. However, it really isn’t.

Sticking to your car servicing checklist regularly will help your car stay in top condition. Not only will it extend the lifespan of your vehicle, but it also keeps frequent and expensive repairs and breakdowns at bay.

At In Town Automotive, you are putting your car in good hands and are guaranteed to receive excellent service from the best in the field.

With many years of automotive service and experience, our technicians are well-equipped to resolve every possible car-related issue from repairing air conditioning to aligning wheels and running diagnostics

To learn more about us, click here or contact us to book an appointment today!

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