Car Repairs Northampton: Traffic Troubles

Here at In Town Automotive, we care about you and your car. We care so much, in fact, that we are writing to let you know that sitting in traffic is bad for you and your car.

To make matters worse, congestion is rising. Uh oh, looks like car repairs are going to keep increasing.

All motor vehicle traffic in Great Britain rose (in the year ending June 2015) by 2.3%, meaning our days are getting shorter as our traffic is getting longer. The detrimental effects of traffic go much further than creating stress and road rage.

Sitting in traffic is bad for your car. Braking, stopping, starting, braking again, it’s first and foremostly bad for the car because it doesn’t allow your engine to reach an efficient level. Some modern cars tackle this with fancy new features, but not all. Idling your engine means sitting with the ventilation system at its very weakest point. this can create dreaded engine deposits, giving you some real trouble!

car repairs traffic uk

Engine deposits can build up and damage various car parts, starting with the fuel injectors, stemming the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber. Eventually you’ll be searching car repairs in google and trying to find a garage who can help you out.

Sadly, traffic is part and parcel of being a driver on modern British roads. In fact, more vehicle miles were clocked in the last 12 months than in any year before, a staggering 316 billion miles. This growth can be correlated to a rising GDP and falling fuel prices, 12p cheaper on average than last year. Cars on British roads are expected to nearly double over the next 20 years!

Since it’s an impractical solution to ‘just avoid’ rush hour, there are a few preventative measures that can reduce the negative effects of traffic on your car. Firstly, change your oil frequently. The more time you spend in traffic, stopping and starting, the more often you need to change it. Add a ‘fuel injector cleaner’ to your petrol tank every couple of thousand miles. This will be good for your engine, which dislikes being filled with various grades of fuel.

As well as these tips, you should be aware of the damage that all the stopping and starting can have on your brakes. If they don’t feel like they are doing their job properly, get them changed. One final idea is to try and drive slowly and consistently behind the car in front of you, instead of getting closer, braking and then backing off again. This is good for your engine and your fuel economy. Following their tips can help prevent the need for car repairs, or at least slow issues down. Regular car servicing will also help keep your car or van in good health.

So there we have it, sitting in traffic is bad for you and your car, but you don’t have to let it get the better of you. Until next time…

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