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Car Servicing Northampton: Horror Stories

Our car servicing Northampton team have seen all sorts of strange stuff in the cars and vans that roll into our garage.

From a cat hiding in the car, to Christmas CDs in July, there is no end to the weird and wonderful that may occur. We’ve heard great stories from other garages too, like the customer who complained about ‘a flapping noise’, only to discover a bird had somehow gotten under the hood! But, for all of the weird and funny stuff that happens, some really awful stuff happens too, so we thought we’d share some horror stories with you. Luckily these stories don’t come from our car servicing Northampton team!


  • We found a story about a customer who bought a brand new Mazda Protege5 2003. Wisely, they invested in an add-on that protected them from rust, which had to be used quicker than planned after rust popped everywhere after only one year. The customer took it to be sorted. The rust was re-sprayed, but the car came back covered in scratches, so they refused the service. The scratches were re-sprayed, but there were new scratches on a different part of the car. The work was refused and they re-sprayed the scratches again! Even after complaints to the manager and Mazda, nothing was done to make up for this shambles. This would never happen with our car servicing Northampton team!
  • Another awful story we came across regards a customer who took their car in for transmission issues. The important thing to note in this story is that the warranty was about to expire. After explaining the issue, the garage claimed they couldn’t replicate the issue and said it was ‘meant to be like that’ and that it was a non-problem. The customer came back a second time and took the tech out in the car to show the transmission problem, and when it occurred, the tech said ‘I didn’t feel or hear anything!’. As the warranty got closer to expiration, the owner threatened to go Lemon Law. In America, Lemon Laws protect customer from purchases that fail to meet quality standards. After this threat, the garage replaced the torque converter and the problem went away! Our car servicing Northampton department would never attempt these deceitful tricks, as honesty is always the best policy and we want our customers to come back time and again!

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  • Remember the gorgeous 2007 Jaguar XK? One story we found involved a customer who took out a massive warranty that covered for pretty much everything, except for consumables. One day, the driver’s side footwell began to fill with water, making a dangerous puddle under the driver’s feet. They took the Jag to the garage, to be told that a broken rubber seal was the cause of the issue. The replacement part was about £6, not a problem. However, due to the location of the seal and the difficulty to replace it, the job ended up costing about £750! Nightmare for the customer who thought that their comprehensive warranty would be enough.
  • This story involves a tech getting caught out when a customer brought in their BMW M3 E43; a car which had a small factory error that had mostly been replaced. However, a few cars managed to get through the net without this issue being fixed. An incorrectly sized bearing meant that the engine would spin the bearings and be totally ruined, needing a full replacement. The driver hadn’t known about this issue, but had never driven the car erratically to cause it to happen. The kicker? The car had gone in for a wheel rim repair! The technician had gone for a wild ride and destroyed the engine. Woops!
  • Smart Car, not so smart technician. One Smart Car owner took their car for a warranty service 100 miles after purchase, when a minor wheel alignment issue occurred. However, the ‘technician’ in question simply detached the steering wheel and put it back on straight. Our car servicing Northampton team will tell you for a fact, this does not fix things. The customer said that the car now drove like it was in full lock, whilst the wheel was straight! They got the service centre to perform one of their wheel alignment tests on the modern machines. Afterwards, the garage had the nerve to try and charge them, after making the problem worse in the first place. Luckily the customer had wheel alignment coverage!
  • Sadly, there is a problem with sexism in some parts of the automotive industry. You won’t find it anywhere here at In Town Automotive though, our car servicing Northampton team are proud to be Foxy lady approved! That can’t be said for the garage where this story comes from. One customer sent his wife to the garage due to a metal on metal sound when going into third gear. As part of their repair package the car was meant to be washed, vacuumed and have the oil changed, but it was just washed and given back to them, claiming no issue. She returned two more times for them to just wash the car and say the same thing. The fourth time she went, the husband provided a technical note explaining the issue, again they ignored it. The fifth time, the husband went along, they acknowledged the issue, fixed the car there and then and said he was lucky he brought the car in as the synchronizer was finished and could lead to more issues. Unbelievable!
  • Finally, a story about a tech who was moving a car into a repair bay when he saw movement in the rear view mirror. He looked over his shoulder to see a little boy strapped into the rear seats. Shocked, he called over the garage foreman, who said they should take the boy to his mum. She was incensed, screaming ‘How dare you touch my child, I’m calling the police!’. The tech, who was outraged that a child had been left in the hot car with the windows closed told her she should call the police, though she’d probably have some explaining to do. Her argument that he would only nap when left alone in the car left them even more shocked…

Want to see some awful car repair pictures? Check these out… You’d never see anything this horrendous at In Town Automotive’s car servicing Northampton department!

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