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MOT Northampton: Volkswagen Warnings Over Commercial Vehicles

The latest data from the DVSA suggests that 49% of all light commercial vehicles in the UK fail their first MOT test. Despite this high percentage, around 45% of the faults are simple to fix.

This reporting has come from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, who closely analysed the data and found that 32.2% of MOT failures were being caused by faulty bulbs! Another 4.8% were down to tyre tread and 8% consisted of faulty wipers, washer fluid, mirrors or number plates!

MOT Northampton team opinion:

The issue to note with this blog post from out MOT Northampton team, is not the high number of vehicles failing, but the astonishing percentage of fails that are occurring due to faults that should be picked up during regular maintenance and inspection. It asks the question, are these businesses looking after their vehicles properly? For many of them, it appears not, as something like a faulty bulb would be picked up during a car servicing immediately.

A further 41.% of Commercial Vehicle fails were down to brake and suspension wear, something that can be slowed down by proper driving and regular maintenance. We wonder, how many businesses have fleet care policies in effect?

Trevor Hodgson-Phillips, head of service and parts at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said: “The latest results show us that UK van owners are still risking increased running bills, extended vehicle downtime periods and, potentially, a decrease in the overall resale value of their vehicle by not looking after their van properly. The roadworthiness of the vehicle is also something that business owners should be thinking about”.

He continued, saying “Should an accident occur and the vehicle deemed to be below standard, company owners could be left facing hefty fines or even prison terms.”

Are these problematic issues occurring due to a poor quality of aftersales? It’s unlikely, most car, van or LCV manufacturers are happy to get the vehicles they’ve sold back to them for maintenance and testing. This is an extra income for them, but as they made the vehicles, it is often the case that they are the best people to fix them (unless they are our MOT Northampton team, of course!)

If you have a van, or even better, a fleet of vans, In Town Automotive’s MOT Northampton team offer a class 7 MOT test, or a fleet management policy. Reduce your downtime, save money on repairs and keep your business on the road, call 01604 666700 today!

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